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About WP Community Fund, Singapore


What is WP Community Fund

The WP Community Fund is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Singapore. Our charity status was granted on 27 February 2014.

Our key objective is the promotion of welfare and well-being for Singaporeans and for all who call our country home. We emphasize poverty relief and also the advancement of education, mental and physical health, community development and sports participation.

Examples of our activities include the provision of financial aid or food vouchers to needy families, distribution of food in collaboration with Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), promotion of wellbeing through hosting of health talks, caregiver training and home visits. In the long run, we also seek to develop new programmes through partnership with other charity organisations to further assist needy Singaporeans.


Our vision is a Singapore that does not forget its needy. A Singapore both willing and eager to guide her less privileged members towards being a part of her progress and development.


The WP Community Fund seeks to initiate and implement appropriate programmes that address or relieve financial hardship for those in need. We also seek to encourage the development of human capability, which we firmly believe is the cornerstone of the wellbeing of Singapore

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